6 Historical and Biblical Places in Israel

Israel is widely known as the Land of the Bible, and it also holds various sites that are saturated with historical and religious meaning. This list of spots is not a complete record, but just an underlying taste of the places of interest the country has to offer once combined with its splendid biblical history. The following list comprises of some of the sites and areas that you can find across Israel and in some way reference back to a particular verse in the Bible.



Biblical records claim that Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus. For this reason, many Christians usually travel to Manger Square, situated close to the Church of Nativity, built over the cavern where Jesus was born. The Jewish people have also historically toured Bethlehem to visit the tomb of matriarch Rachel. The Tomb is also known to be holy to Muslims and Christians. Access to the place has remained a point of political dispute between Palestine and Israel. There’s a restaurant in the area that serves the best Jamaican curry beef stew recipe.




The city of Beersheba located in the desert of Negev is an artificial mound that has piled over numerous generations as ancient earthen buildings degenerated and new ones built. According to the Bible, the town got founded when Abraham, a Jewish patriarch settled a deal with king Abimelech over a well. Visitors to the ruins nowadays might not see well of Abraham, but they can explore the cisterns and the drains of the ancient town’s impressive water system designed during the Iron Age.


Mount of Olives


Mount Olives is a significant site in both the Christian and Jewish traditions. Alongside its two-mile-long crest that lies to the east of the Old City of Jerusalem are three significant summits. This mountain has served mostly as a burial site for the Jews for around 3,000 years. Mount of Olives is also mentioned severally in the New Testament as the spot where Jesus stood when he was weeping over Jerusalem.


Valley of Elah


Found between Judah’s Lower Hills, it was at this spot that the heroic battle between Goliath and David happened. However, just like many other sites in Israel with only a map, a little imagination, and a bible, it’s effortless to travel back in time and also experience the epic story as if you were present. The Valley of Elah is named after terebinth trees, and currently, the visitors can walk across the fields covered with sunflowers, multi-colored lupins, and red anemones.


Sea of Galilee


Your visit to the land of Israel would never be complete without stopping at the Sea of Galilee, and especially if you want to learn from Jesus Christ at the very spot where most of his ministry occurred. Most of the miracles recorded in the New Testament including the feeding of the enormous multitude and Jesus walking on water took place at the Sea of Galilee.


River Jordan


The Sea of Galilee couldn’t exist without River Jordan feeling into it. The Jordan River is also a significant landmark for both Christian and Jewish people. The early Israelites initially crossed near Jericho when Joshua was their leader, and the miracles of Elisha, Elijah, and Naaman the Leper occurred at this river as documented in the Bible.